Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is almost here, making it prime time for pumpkin decorating! As an alternative to carving your pumpkin this year, our Cedar Brook Blog is sharing some other ways to decorate your pumpkin that don’t require carving, but still look awesome. Keep reading for some great pumpkin decorating methods and bring pumpkin decorating central to your apartment!


Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin

All you need to make this fun craft is a white pumpkin, 16-20 crayons in a variety of colors, tacky glue, a blow dryer, and a trash bag or surface covering. The colored melted wax gives your pumpkin a super cool look!


Decoupaged Pumpkin

Follow this tutorial from Country Living to transfer printed images onto your pumpkin to create impressive works of art.


Puff Paint Decorated Pumpkin

Add some texture to your painted pumpkin with 3-D puff paint. Create patterns or images that look like they are popping out at you!


Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkin

These miniature pumpkins look out of this world with the cool marbled effect from the nail polish. Follow the tutorial from Say Yes to learn how to make them.


Glitter Pumpkins

Make your pumpkin stand out by covering it in shimmering glitter. This tutorial from Two Sisters Crafting will show you how to achieve the ultimate level of glamour this Halloween. Or if you don’t want to go all out, dip only part of your pumpkin in glitter.


Cross-Stitched Pumpkins

Cross-stitching is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of ways to decorate a pumpkin, but you will love the stitched look that is perfect for Halloween time. Find printable cross stitch patterns for free online.


What other ways do you like to decorate your pumpkins without having to carve them? Share some of your ideas with us so we can try them out! Thanks for reading our post, and we hope you have a fantastic Halloween here in Pine Hill, New Jersey.